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We cater to beginners.  We answer questions and can get you panning for gold in no time.  We can help you get started on a new hobby. We can also supply the seasoned minor with great paydirt. 

Don't go all winter long without panning for gold because of the weather. Let us battle the weather for you, so you can sit back and pan for gold in the comfort of your own home.

 Not finding gold can be very discouraging. Here at Addicted to Gold, we offer great dirt at a good dirt price. We know how much hard work goes into finding good paydirt, and that is exactly what we are offering.

I don't waste my time and energy on just any sands and gravels. I test the whole claim to find the best gold recovery. I am selling you this dirt from where I spend my time prospecting. I spent a great deal of time searching, testing, and finding the best spot to prospect.

We don't specialize in gimmicks or raffles.  We only offer the best dirt on the internet. I don't raffle off huge nuggets to a single lucky buyer. I leave all the gold in the dirt and let you find it in your own pan.  We don't search all the dirt than let you have what we don't want. We leave the luck of finding gold nuggets to you and the earth its pulled from. 

Hours of fun without breaking the bank!

Panning for gold is a lot of fun, and a great family activity. The feeling of seeing gold in your pan is very exciting. Be careful, it can be very addicting. There is plenty of dirt here to last hours. If you have a bad back or physically can't handle the beating that it takes to mine in 117 degree weather, this is perfect for you. If you live in an area that has no areas to prospect, everything is claimed, or you don't want to spend the $2,500 to join a gold prospecting club, this paydirt is for you.

We offer 4 different types of paydirt and counting!

The Hobbyist:
This dirt is for the person that wants to pan for hours. This paydirt is great for beginners, or testing out new equipment. 

King Musa:
This dirt is a remedy for gold fever. It cost a bit more, but when you pan it you'll see why.

King Solomon:
King Solomon is paydirt that will knock your socks off. It is loaded with gold.
This stuff is chunkier than my inlaws.

King Midas:
King Midas was know to turn everything he touched to gold. It seems like he touched a lot of this paydirt.

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